Rosaleen Jones


Rosaleen Jones, known by colleagues, former and existing clients as Ros, is an experienced No Win No Fee, Personal Injury Solicitor.

For a number of years, Ros was employed at Oliver and Co. Solicitors, a traditional high street practice in Chester city centre, where she completed her training contract and qualified as a solicitor before moving on to work for a large firm of solicitors on the Wirral, where she specialised into the area of Road Traffic Accident claims.

Whilst Ros enjoyed working within a busy department, her long-term ambition was to set up and run her own practice and she went on to set up RG Jones Solicitors over 10 years ago. Ros has built up and managed a successful personal injury practice and has represented clients throughout England and Wales.

Ros advises on several areas of personal injury law and has helped clients to recover compensation for a broad range of injuries from minor whiplash injuries through to more serious complex and life changing injuries.

RG Jones Solicitors

Areas of Expertise

Road Traffic Accident Claims

Ros has extensive knowledge in dealing with road traffic accident claims having spent over 20 years helping clients recover compensation for their injuries and associated financial losses.

‘Road Traffic Accidents’ is a broad term and covers not only those injured whilst driving a motor vehicle, bus or taxi but also their passengers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists, uninsured and untraced drivers.

This area of law can be complex and often involves instructing a Collision Investigation and Reconstruction Team to produce a detailed report setting out a full analysis of all evidence surrounding a collision.

Contributory negligence is often alleged by the Defendant in Road Traffic Accident Claims and Ros has on many occasions successfully argued that the Defendant failed to prove that her clients had not taken reasonable care for their safety and that such failure had contributed to their injuries, thereby securing a full admission of liability.

A major focus of Ros’ expertise is on maximising compensation for pain, suffering and loss of amenity. Damages are awarded depending on the severity of the injuries sustained and its impact upon her client’s enjoyment of life.  Ros will always ensure that the most appropriate and high skilled medical experts are instructed to examine her clients and produce high quality reports to assist the Court in determining the correct level of compensation for the nature and extent of the injuries suffered by her clients.

Ros’ overall expertise in this area of law includes securing a full admission of liability, handling both low and high value claims, maximising compensation for personal injuries, arranging appropriate rehabilitation and recovering past and future financial losses arising as a result of the accident.

Accidents at Work Claims / Slips Trips and Falls in the Workplace

Ros has dealt with many Accidents at Work Claims over her years in practice and is fully conversant with the legal duties imposed upon employers to ensure their employees’ health, safety and welfare are always protected during their employment.

Having represented many clients who have suffered injuries in the workplace as a result of their employer’s failings through to the negligent acts of their fellow work colleagues, Ros has secured high levels of compensation for pain, suffering and loss of amenity, past and future loss of earnings, loss of future earning capacity and / or loss of promotion within the workplace.

Under the common law, all employers owe a duty of care to their employees, one such duty being to carry out risk assessments within the workplace. If an employer fails to carry out a risk assessment and implement measures identified as risk and an employee subsequently suffers an injury, the employer may be held liable for breaches under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Whilst employers do not have a duty to provide a completely risk-free workplace environment for their employees, they can nonetheless face prosecution if they fail to address risk previously identified where proper and reasonable measures were not put in place to prevent an employee from suffering an injury.

Examples of the various types of Accidents at Work Ros has handled are as follow:

  • a severe burn injury as a result of a faulty clip on a chip fryer;
  • twisted knee injury having fallen backwards onto a trolly left in the communal area;
  • a broken ankle having tripped over a refuse sack of rubbish left in the kitchen area of a school canteen;
  • soft tissue ankle injury where a fellow employee reserved over client’s foot with a forklift in a warehouse;
  • nerve damage and scarring to finger as a result of an unsafe bin used to dispose of coffee granules in a coffee shop;
  • permanent damage to shoulder following a tripping accident in the janitors’ store cupboard of a large supermarket.

Ros has also secured large amounts of compensation for clients who have suffered repetitive strain injuries in the workplace where the employer was found to have failed to have carried out relevant risk assessments and further failed to take reasonable measures to protect employees where such risks were identified.

Slips Trips and Falls in Public Areas

An occupier of a building / premises / land, either through ownership, lease or duty to maintain, owes a duty of care to their visitors and trespassers to ensure they are reasonably safe for the purpose for which they are there.

This is an interesting area of personal injury law and one enjoyed by Ros as she has acted for many clients who have suffered personal injuries whilst visiting premises such as supermarkets, children’s playgrounds, local parks and on highways.

Ros has gained a great deal of knowledge through her experience in handling claims brought on behalf of her clients, for example, against pub landlords for their failure to ensure public areas within the beer garden were safe to use, inadequate levels of mulch in children’s play area, local authority’s failure to maintain the highway, large supermarket’s failure to ensure a spillage in one of their aisles was attended to and many tripping accidents as a result of build developer failures to ensure adequate safety for members of the public on or near the development site where access was permitted.

Key Achievements

Examples of Ros’s experience in securing an admission of liability and successfully recovering compensation for her clients include:

  • motorcyclist who slipped on mud on a country lane;
  • walker attacked by a herd of cows on a public right of way;
  • partially sighted gentleman who fell over upon entering a petrol station;
  • keen sportsman who tripped on a raised kerb where the local authority maintained an adequate system of inspection was in place but where Ros proved it was not a walked inspection by rather a drive by inspection;

pedestrian knocked over where the Defendant alleged he had failed to have a proper look out;